Master’s thesis

High-rise office building


The objective of the master thesis was to design and assess subsection structural solution of the high-rise building. The main structure is design as truss clamps of steel. Ceilings are solved by composite steel and concrete structure. All connections of beam and support of columns are intended as articulate. Steel structure is based on a reinforced concrete underground part, which has three floors. Foundation is on the reinforced concrete slab with drilled piles. Drawings includes layout, sections, views onto construction and selected details. This project was realized according to the Czech Technical Standard ČSN EN. The second part solved continuity of load-bearing structure supporting the system and proposal of substructures with the foundations. In the last section is a preliminary proposal of reinforced concrete cores and detail of connection of steel beams to concrete.


steel structures, high-rise building (skyscraper), composite steel and concrete structures, load, static calculation, design, assessment

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